Transformation for all Mankind.

The BEST Foundation was formed to bring a culture of health and wellness to the individual, the family, the community and, through these three entities, the world. We believe that true and lasting transformation should not be limited to those with means. Rather, it should be available to all humankind and we work each day to provide the tools, the motivation and the support to make this mission possible. Our name, BEST, stands for: Body, Emotion, Support and, finally, Transformation.

While we operate with a tremendous desire to put an end to today's obesity epidemic, we believe that transformation occurs from the inside out, and benefits all people regardless of size. BEST addresses a healthy lifestyle change beginning with our minds and our hearts. BEST is an organization where self-love can be discovered and learned. Cultivated and nourished. And we achieve this at no cost to our members.

"Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you are worthy of the trip. BEST Foundation believes that all are worthy and we stop at nothing show our members that undeniable worth."