Serving Resources:

There are few things that change one’s view of life than service. Transformation doesn’t happen in a silo, but rather as you interact and lift others to a higher plane. Here’s where you’ll come for amazing ideas on how to serve in your community, to see what others have done, and to you share what you did for your service. Take a look at the video to get an idea of why we serve in the BEST Foundation and how it will help you be your BEST. If you’re working on your B-E-S-T Goals in the Transformation Program, click the button below to submit your service!


We’ve been blessed to be involved in service projects during our BEST Activities and have given over 250 hours of service to the following wonderful organizations:

As part of their service for the Transformation Program, individuals have provided over 400 hours of service to such organizations as the following:

And many more! We encourage you to make an impact by helping in your community and come back here to let us know more!