BEST Meetings

Join us  for our free weekly workouts or bi-weekly BEST meetings, and discover your BEST self!


Whether you are coming to our support and education meetings or our workouts around the valley, you’ll find something to help you on your journey.  Discover what we offer below!

BEST Meetings are held every 2 weeks, and cover the 3 facets of transformation: Body, Emotional health and Support.  We will feature one facet at each meeting, and give you an opportunity to share your challenges and your victories.  We also practice making and keeping promises, building our integrity and self love.  Feel free to bring family, friends and anyone who you would like to join you on your journey or who is starting a journey of their own!  All BEST meetings are free of charge.

  • In the Body class, we discuss everything from meal prep, to shopping, to counting macros, to portion control, to purging your pantry, to effective exercise. Come and learn how to take care of your body in the BEST way possible!
  • At the Emotion class, you will work with life coaches who lead a group discussion that centers on creating greater self awareness and empowerment. Come and discover the emotional link to your own health journey!
  • At the Support class you will learn how to create your own support network and how to support others on their journey. When you have a support system in place, you are 7 times more likely to achieve your goals. Come and build your system!
  • Transformation: when you come to the B, E and S classes and are mastering keeping your promises around your Body, Emotions and Support systems, you are transforming. Transformation is a journey, a cycle, and repeating the classes gives you a solid foundation in transforming your life, and the lives of the people around you.


BEST Saturday Workouts and Hikes are a great way to spend a little time transforming yourself.  Held every Saturday at locations around the valley, you can expect to come to a great fat burning workout led by a trained professional.  Our workouts are great for the whole family and can be modified to accommodate ALL fitness levels.  On the 4th Saturday of every month, we do a hike at A Mountain on the ASU campus.  Whether you come to a workout or a hike, come and get your heart pumping with us!